Our Retail Mobility product “OMNI RETAILER” is integrated with MPOS devices across the countries. At the moment, Omni Retailer supports the card payments in INDIA, EUROPE, and USA. Soon we are going to support in Middle East as well. PCI DSS compliant technology designed to secure the processing, and transmitting, card related data. OMNI RETAILER is not just mobile billing APP, but can manage both retail outlets and warehouses.

Capillary’s Loyalty Manager enables you to manage your loyalty program and increase enrollment through an easy and fast sign-up process. Set business rules for a multi-layered omnichannel program ensuring continuing shopping experiences to your customers.

FT Cash is a fast growing financial technology venture which aims to empower micro-merchants, small businesses and retail chains with the power of mobile payments. The vision is to enable offline transactions quickly by aggregating all payment gateways including credit cards, debit cards and mobile wallets under one channel.