We conceptualized and built our products and solutions to justify the TCO from our customers. The Licensing and implementation cost is metered to the customer satisfaction rating. This is applicable to all solutions verticals,i.e., Retail Mobility, eCommerce, mCommerce, Enterprise Mobility, and (Mobile) Document Management. This keeps us always on our toes and the true continuous improvement is possible.
Return On Investment
We brought down the cost of ownership by implementing solutions around our products. There is no dependency on third party license, no diverse technology landscape, and no problem of sky-rocketing integration and maintenance costs. It is one license for each solution, Retail Mobility and Cloud, eCommerce and mCommerce, Enterprise Mobility, and Document Management.


The below matrix is used to cost the Solutions from TechnoLabs.

Our customers have the benefit of rating our product/solution before paying us.
This pricing model helps us in maintaining continuous improvement.
For more details on products/solutions please write to us: business@technolabssoftware.com or you can call us and schedule product Demo.