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Retail Mobility

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Retail Mobility

Let us look into the possibilities of Mobility in the retail sector. Mobile Technology can be disruptive for Retail Business and can challenge the traditional technology landscape. We can think of the following areas where Mobile can be used. On the contrary, Mobile can be replacement for every hardware that is being used for running the retail store. Both cloud and Mobile technology are going to redefine the way Retail Business is conducted. The presumption is, the entire back end activities like Merchandize is hosted and available as cloud.
  1. Mobile is what is required to Bill

    Mobile can be used for barcode scanning, POS Payment, and for sending e-bill. There are several options available to make the card payments possible. Card reading device can be wireless and communication with mobile happens via Bluetooth. Card readers do available that fit into the Audio Jack. We do have card readers with data cable. Among all, TechnoLabs recommends wireless card reader for both performance and convenience. Billing may involve combination of both cash and card payments or more than one card payment. TechnoLabs recommends GO GREEN where bill will be sent as SMS to both customer and the person at the exit gate. Please do note that a Retailer can even bill right at the customer door, including card payments.
  2. Use Mobile to Manage the Store

    Now, the store manager can empowered never before. With mobile in his hand, he can be up-to-date. In other words, he/she can use mobile to verify the stocks, order purchases, track sales, and get into the analytics. It doesn’t matter where he/she is as long as he/she is able to connect via internet.
  3. No hardware required

    Time has come, to do away with all hardware a typical retailer has been using. Barcode scanner, Printer, Separate POS issued by Bank, and standard desktops all are become redundant. With mobile, a retailer can have more POS as there won’t be any space constraints. With bill as SMS/Email, the customer can trace the bill for any want of exchange.
  4. Sales orders on Mobile

    Now the Sales Force can use mobile to take orders including payments. The orders get updated immediately. We can avoid the cash payments as well.
  5. Tracking

    Now with GPS is in place it is very obvious to track the shipment or an individual who is responsible for customer service.

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