TechnoLabs was born out of natural instinct followed by deep passion. Everything else followed as we started working with single-mindedness. We believe that innovation, quality and success are the outcomes of continuous practicing. Because practicing leads to the rise of mental energies.

Within short span of three years’ time, TechnoLabs has proven successful track record and continues to bring the best of new developments in the specific areas listed below. We learnt that we don’t need to invent new business area when there is so much to transform where the established IT players are driving the industry. In other words, Innovation becomes DNA of one or two established players which is nothing but retardation. For instance, we selected Retail Sector as the core research area. We also have research focus on MOBILE DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT & BPM as there is huge opportunity to develop technology that can make the processing of unstructured documents ease and meaningful.

Retail Cloud & mOutlets

Retail Cloud & mWarehouses

Retail Cloud & Digital Commerce

Retail Cloud & Omni Channel Management

Enterprise Mobility & Mobile BPM

It is the word tossed by TechnoLabs to indicate smart and mobile based outlets.

It is the word to represent smart warehouse where Mobile(s) is the only computing device required.

Request you to stay tuned to TechnoLabs. We are sure, you will be witnessing path breaking developments.

Despite our humble beginning, we embarked a journey that is extremely demanding and needs great human capital. TechnoLabs always believes in building Subject Matter Expertise and giving complete solution to the specific business vertical. Our customers should be able to realize the true benefit of getting the right solution implemented. We make it possible by reducing the cost of innovation and continuous improvement.

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