Business houses spend significant time in making business transactions with their trading partners. This is applicable to retail chains, manufacturers, and ecommerce online stores. It takes enormous paper processing and man power to source and maintain the goods and spare parts.

TechnoLabs can help you in saving the procuring cost, improve the stocks, and optimize the inventory. Our Commerce Centre is comprehensive solution that can make the difference the following areas of your business.

  1. Trading Partners/Suppliers Integration (B2B)
    1. EDI
    2. XML
    3. ebXML
    4. Industry specific standards
    5. Comprehensive mapping and translation
  2. Secure Transfer of B2B files
    1. AS2
    2. AS3
    3. SFTP
    4. Secure and digitally signed
B2B Integration

Our Commerce Centre can bring differentiating factors to the customer’s table. The customization or coding requirement would be very minimal. The customer has the option choose specific module instead of whole solution.

  1. Easy to configure and test new trading partner
    1. B2B Studio
    2. Easy mapping and translation
    3. Selection and testing industry protocols
    4. Easy deployment
  2. Business Process Management
    1. Seamless BPM possible beyond the corporate walls
    2. Business Process Monitoring