TechnoLabs has extended the conventional BPM to mobile as well. Our Document Management System (DMS) solution which is built on top of DocStation supports both data and content alike. Our DMS solution supports all three types of business flows.
  1. Library Services
  2. Document centric business flows
  3. Data centric business flows
Library Services makes authoring, reviewing, and publishing the business or legal documents. Flexible enough to design the workflow by using browser based BPMN editor. Tagging, versioning, indexing, and effective search are part of the generic functionalities. Supports to Mobile makes it more exciting as one can use mobile to capture the content, edit the content and author the content before getting published to DMS/ECM.
Document Centric Business Flows manages entire life cycle of the business documents. Starting from digitization to all business approvals and then finally archival. MobiDocs along with DocStation is the best combination to address comprehensive Document management needs, with plethora of new mobile and image processing technologies. It is the same BPMN editor that allows you to design and deploy document centric business processes as well. We actively support mobile computing and mobile BPM is part of our DMS solution.
Data Centric Business Flows manages all business processes that are required to run business across the departments. The end user enters data and submits for approvals. Any related documents can be submitted as attachments. But the business activity revolves around the data, but not the documents. BPEL enabled business flows that can automate activities, not only within the organization but also across the business partners.
Proper automation of your business processes can surely improve the organizational performance levels. It also improves the customer service and their by customer loyalty. We at TechnoLabs can understand your internal and external business processes and address the delay factors. We can ensure that right data available for the right person at right time.
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