1. Are you still using paper to do business transaction with your partners?
  2. Your partners are demanding you that you need to switch over to electronic transactions?
  3. Your partners are using different standards and formats?
  4. You don’t have huge IT budget and business demands B2B automation?

Please write to us. We know how to build incremental B2B infrastructure without huge Licensing and Operational costs. TechnoLabs has the expertise and products to implement without any third party involvement. In other words, no third party licenses are required.

Over a period of time, we built extensive mapping and translation capabilities. It hardly takes time to implement a business document between you and your business partner.

B2B Studio

Easy to configure and build Mapping Set. Support is available and would be replying to your query within 24 hours.

Evaluation copy of B2B studio is available. B2B Studio is IDE environment for configuring and monitoring the Trading Partners and business transactions. Please write to us so that we can send the link for downloading.