Our enterprise mobility offering brings tangible benefits by way of improving employee productivity. You must be exploring the possibility of applying Mobile technology to your business as well. There is always debate on data security and we get very few answers. Effectively, what are the business areas where mobile technology can be applied? The answer is Mobile can be used where ever you are using Desktop to access your Enterprise Applications.

  • Does your on field Sales Person need to see the stocks before taking the order from the customer?
  • Do you have difficulty in getting right information at right time?
  • You are not able to access your departmental data from where ever you are?
  • Do you need to be right in office to access data before decision making?
  • You are not able to do approvals unless you are within the premises of enterprise?
  • Project approvals are getting delayed as the Project Manager has no way to access and approve from where he is?

A doctor should be able to access the patients health file on his tablet both within and outside the hospital.

  • Your mobile is always connected to systems within the enterprise
  • Search, view and approve the business documents
  • Business processes are accessible via mobile
  • Compliance to Standards
  • Faster decision making and their by improved productivity
  • Better Collaboration
  • Seamless integration with the existing infrastructure
  • Your business data secure even if you lose mobile as the data is stored in proprietary and encrypted form
  • Your data exchange between mobile and enterprise systems is safe and encrypted
Enterprise mobility

We do answer your pertinent questions about Security and other enterprise mobility related questions. You need not buy third party software licenses to make it happen. Our Enterprise Mobility offerings come with the tools and technologies that address the below requirements vis-a-vis Enterprise Mobility.

  • Mobile device management
  • Mobile application management (MAM)
  • Mobile information management
  • Other mobile enablement technologies, such as secure email apps or remote support
For more details on enterprise mobility security, you may download this document. Enterprise mobility security download


TechnoLabs is one of the few technology companies who focused heavily on Mobility as a solution platform. Our mobility practice is matured enough to conceptualize, design and implement Mobility solutions to enterprise needs. TechnoLabs has the dedicated Mobility team who are at the forefront in applying mobile technologies to business problems.

Technolabs enterprise mobility platform can integrate people, IT Systems, and business processes with minimum efforts. We take user experience to new levels. You can benefit from our experience and optimize your business processes. Your executives can start using their mobile as a computing and collaborative device.

  • Reuse of expertise and components to open the mobility channel.
  • Huge saving in overall effects and their by implementation time.
  • Improved(24X7) access to data and business processes and their by enterprise productivity.
  • well acquipped to access right data and faster decision making.
  • We can drive and support your Enterprise Mobility with assured ROI.
  • All this possible with out steep rise in IT budgets.
  • Visualize before realizing.
  • You can ask for Live Demos and relate to your business problem.
  • Easy to get cloud based trail version and examine how our solution can solve your business problem.
  • Get proof of concept(POC) implemented from our Subject Matter Experts.
  • Experience before investing first DOLLAR

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