EDI Transfer Engine that supports popular protocols and has excellent tracking mechanism to ensure that the customer gets mobile notifications for any exceptions. Part of our Commerce initiative, Commerce Center supports HTTP(S), FTP, SFTP, AS2, AS3 and SMTP transfer protocols. Built on JAVA platform, there is no dependency on the third party software licenses. Scalable enough to handle high volumes of e-commerce B2B documents and comes with configuration, monitoring, and administration tool. Our transfer engine can be deployed either as a separate product or part of the complete ecommerce solution.

EDI Transfer Engine

The entire transfer engine can be configured by using commerce center admin console. Each trading partner may prefer one or more transfer protocols. The data transfer through wire is secure as
Commerce Center comes with PKI and encryption option.

TechnoLabs is in the process of submitting the Commerce Center to Drummond Group Inc.(DGI) for e-Commerce certification. The basic edition of our e-Commerce product, Commerce Center, is available for free downloading. Please contact us for Enterprise Edition.