TechnoLabs commerce solution is able to take the business to the customer’s door. We broadened the business and delivery channels so that customers need not come to store. On the contrary, one can bill while delivering to the customer door. Mobile technology makes it possible.Those who come to the Shopping Centers need not stand in queue for billing. They can pick the goods, pay and take away.

Our solution, “Commerce Center” is one stop solution for the end-to-end commerce needs. We are able to bring down the cost of License as the customer doesn’t need any third party product to implement the commerce solution.

One of the important parts of new age commerce is online commerce. This includes both browser-based and mobile-based ordering. Commerce Center can give great online shopping experience to both Mobile and Desktop users. The important channel in retail business is that field executives should be able to take orders along with the payment. Products images can be stored in high resolution form and there is no separate Document Management product required. There is no separate License involved in providing Content Management as the DocStation comes along with Commerce Center offerings.

B2C Portals

Our Commerce Centre can bring differentiating factors to the customer’s table. The customization or coding requirement would be very minimal. The customer has the option to choose specific module instead of whole solution.

  1. Easy to configure and test new trading partner
    1. B2B Studio
    2. Easy mapping and translation
    3. Selection and testing industry protocols
    4. Easy deployment
  2. Readily available online portal
    1. Cart
    2. Ordering and Payments
    3. Products categorization and search
    4. Offers and Deals
    5. Best Sellers
    6. Campaigns and customer behavior
    7. Mobile Support