One Cloud – Campaigns, Promotions, Online Commerce, and In-shop self checkouts

TechnoLabs Retail Cloud also provides Digital Commerce platform so that our customers can open their online business channels. There is no other License or Tool required to do Online business. By default, our Retail Cloud provides all components required to run your Commerce Portal and Customer Shopping App. Your customers can view products and order either by going to your website or using their mobile phone. Online Orders are routed to nearest fulfillment center. The fulfillment center can be either Outlet or Warehouse.

  1. No CAPEX in the form of Licenses and Implementation Efforts.
  2. One stop shop for entire eCommerce. No need of several Softwares licenses from plethora of vendors.
  3. Only yearly renewal required and no limit on no of transactions.
  4. No implementation time except need to create Web Template for your Brand.
  5. Both Outlets and Online Channels can be monitored using single Cloud Console.
  6. No separate integration required with Inventory, Outlet, or warehouse.
  7. Supports all modes of online payments including Electronic Wallets.
  8. B2B platform that supports EDI, ebXML, AS2, etc is under construction
Digital Commerce

Please click this link to view the DEMO commerce portal that runs over our Commerce Platform.

You may also download the Android or iOS Shopping APP to experience how our Cloud supports your customers who want to order using their Mobile.

It is no more the case where you need to plan and budget the Trading Partner Integration, years ahead. Now you can integrate with your suppliers and other trading partners so that you can avoid paper processing of business documents like Purchase Order, Shipment Note, and Invoice. You can exchange EDI documents over internet rather than opting for private VAN.

It is no longer fancier to make the goods and services available online. That should happen without you getting into technical Jargon. In other words, you stay focused on your business while we make the business digitally enabled. That too, you need not make any upfront investment.

For more information on Digital Commerce and it’s components like B2C, B2B or Trading Partner Integration, etc. please write to