We redefined the way documents or content is digitized, stored, published, indexed, searched and accessed again. Especially, if you have to digitize the old records which are degraded over a period of time. It is no more the case where one needs to have several hardware devices required in the life-cycle of the documents. A good smart phone or tablet is what you need to capture and process the documents. Not only just converting the documents into image format, but also reading the data or text from the documents, transform and store it in other formats.
  1. You can capture the quality documents by using Mobile Camera
  2. Convert one or more documents into PDF file
  3. Add annotations to the documents
  4. Crop only specific portion of the content
  5. Can adjust the camera settings and capture nonstandard sizes
  6. Create and edit new documents by using mobile (HTML, PDF, or MS Office)
  7. Sign and stamp the documents
  8. Can capture, extract and use the specific fields from the documents
  9. Use the extracted content to populate the business form
  10. Upload the content to FTP or other Document Server like DocStation
Content Capturing

Differentiating factors:

  1. Better quality than conventional flatbed scanner
  2. Adaptive filtering and document improvement
  3. Uses min power and doesn’t drain the mobile battery
  4. Cost saving as there is no other device or computer required
  5. Files are safe as we used the proprietary format even if someone gets access to your mobile
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