Content capturing

In Business environment extensive collaboration is a must, both within the organization and outside the organization. With our aggressive focus on mobility, our solutions are highly collaborative. Our products are complimented with collaboration tools like mail, blogs, wikis, groups, communities and messengers. Everybody wants to retrieve the content and relate it to their decisions and discussions.

TechnoLabs has extensive experience in developing and handling the collaboration tools and integrate them with our products and solutions. We can unlock the real potential only when these tools are integrated with your Business Applications. Some of the areas where we can contribute and create your Collaboration infrastructure.

  2. WEB 2.0
  3. Blogs
  4. Wikis
  5. FTP
  6. Bluetooth
  7. Shared Documents
  8. Collaborative authoring and reviews

Differentiating factors:

  1. Better quality than conventional flatbed scanner
  2. Adaptive filtering and document improvement
  3. Uses min power and doesn’t drain the mobile battery
  4. Cost saving as there is no other device or computer required
  5. Files are safe as we used the proprietary format even if someone gets access to your mobile

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