So far we used computer platforms to capture, store, version, search and controlling the documents. As smart phones become very powerful, it is not difficult to imagine Mobile Platform as substitute for conventional computer platforms.
TechnoLabs, who is doing pioneering work on Mobility, conceptualized and built a Mobile Document Management product that can complement those existing document management solutions. In the sense, we are able to exploit the Mobile Features in building the world class Document Management product. With our product MobiDocs, we can implement Mobile BPM without any significant coding.
The important differentiating factor TechnoLabs brings is, mobile/ tablet can be used to do authoring, reviewing, publishing, search, download, and viewing the documents. You may use also Mobile or preferably Tablet for not only authoring of the documents but also implement any BPMN or BPEL enabled business flows. Our Document Management Server product, DocStation, can handle both documents and data which are critical to the business. Our customers need not have two products for their business process automation. Typically, the solution offering are in the form of ECM workflow for content authoring and BPEL engines for business processes. With DocStation, we are able to implement two in one. In DocStation, while designing the business process one can opt for one of the below business processes categories.

  1. Library Services
  2. Document driven business processes
  3. Data driven business processes

Library Services

This category of workflows is used to create, review, version and publish the content. Standard features like meta tagging, indexing, categorization, and culturing are applicable. One can use either mobile or desktop to access and work with the authoring flows. In case of Mobile, documents can be scanned and enhanced before authoring. No coding skills are required to design the workflows. Business Analyst can do with ease.

Document Driven Business Processes

This category of business flows are document centric. The data is secondary. As on now, we see two category products in the market.The first is content centric products like Documentum and the second one is data centric BPEL engines where documents are handled as attachments. TechnoLabs is able to build single workflow engine that handles both without any compromise on features. The business analyst has to design workflow as per the business needs. If he/she designs workflow which is document centric, the data part will go as meta data.

Data Centric Business Processes

These business flows are typical BPEL complaint workflows that can be designed by using BPMN editor. DoctStation has BPMN editor that allows an analyst to design a business flow by using graphical flowchart like elements. Easy to use and needs to no coding skills to implement standard business workflows. Customization is possible by way calling web services as business rules.
Note: Please note that we use the words Document Management and Content Management interchangeably.
Please go through our product specifications to understand more on what you can do with your Mobile.