Omni Retailer is comprehensive retail suite with special focus on Retail Mobility. TechnoLabs has been at the forefront in applying Mobile technology to solve the business problems. We ensured that technology is reliable and robust enough to replace existing Retail technologies and devices, in place. What takes is just having a smart phone or TAB and no additional equipment required. You can use our Retail Cloud to manage your inventory/merchandize, sales, Deals/Offers, Loyalty and other retail operations.

While you can continue to use the existing technologies, we strongly recommend you to use the mobile for better access to business information, productivity, and cost saving. Our objective is to ensure that you start running your Retail Business without investing on hardware and software.

Omni Retailer

One (Mobile) device at the point of sale (MPOS)

Now billing can be done in wireless way. As smartphones have good computing power, we can use it for managing a retail store. Billing & MPOS is one of the areas where mobile becomes handy and cheaper alternative.

  1. Reads product barcode instead of using handheld barcode scanner
  2. Supports all barcodes including QR code
  3. Can take payment by using Mobile. Supports both magnetic and Chip-and-Pin cards
  4. Bill is sent as SMS or e-Mail. Automatic capturing of customer loyalty
  5. Can support network or Bluetooth enabled printer
  6. Supports Android, iPhone and Windows

Cloud Enabled

  1. No upfront investment on hardware and software
  2. Your data is secure
  3. Your retail business can be automated within a week
Omni Retailer

Do business transactions while you are on move !!

A store manager may be dining. Still, he/she can access sales, stocks and other information by using his/her mobile. Effectively, decision making becomes fast and can raise customer service levels. Our Omni Retailer Suite supports Mobile across Retail Business operations.

  1. Can bill at the customer’s door including electronic payments
  2. Can take sales orders while you are on field
  3. You can verify the stocks and get the up to date inventory
  4. Alerts and Notifications on Stocks, Orders, and other

eLoyalty Cards

Not many customers are willing to take plastic loyalty cards. Rather, the customers expect the retailer to identify, track the loyalty, and reward him. eLoyalty is the way and that too on mobile platforms.

  1. No need to have conventional loyalty cards. Electronic loyalty card can be sent to the customer mobile
  2. Rewards gets updated and the customer has up to date information
  3. Alerts and Notifications on Offers, Deals, and loyalty programs

Retail Merchandize Cloud – No to your data center

You, who is into Retail Business, no need to procure and run server(s). Use our Retail Cloud along with Mobile to run your Warehouses, and one or more Retail Stores. We deliver loaded TAB or IPAD to run your store from the day one. Our support team helps you in migrating from existing third party ERP or Custom Merchandize software.

  1. Configurable store and merchandize
  2. Excellent visibility to stocks. That too by using mobile
  3. Configurable deals, offers, and other loyalty programs
  4. Wastage and Expiry Management
  5. Stocks replenishment
  6. Business Partners Integration
  7. Reports and Business Intelligence
  8. Integration with SAP or existing ERP