Our product Omni Retailer is combination of Cloud Server and Mobile Technologies. The Retail Mobility solution is conceptualized and developed with Mobile as the device for end user. The user can be Sales Executive, Billing Person at Point of sale, Helper within a store, Store Manager, Inventory Manager or Purchase Officer.

Our Retail Cloud is highly available and secure. Each customer is given an Admin Console so that the customer can configure and manager retail stores. If you are already using third party software, our support team would port the Inventory Data to the cloud server. The customer can configure warehouse, one or more retail stores, user access, offers, deals, gift vouchers, and e-Loyalty cards. TechnoLabs takes periodic backup of the server so that you have a backup in any eventuality. There is a provision where the customer can take backup and stores in his/her local system.

Document Management

Our Retail cloud can meet the following categories of business. The customer has to register by selecting one of the categories. The configuration and settings would vary depends on the nature retail business you are running.

  1. Apparel
  2. Grocery
  3. Restaurant
  4. Hotels and Guest Houses
  5. Institutions
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Cloud retail software has all the features of self-hosted solutions, without the hardware investment. You retain ownership of, access to and control of your data at all times.

What you can do with the Retail Could?

  1. Configure, and manage one or more retail stores.
  2. Manage Inventory/Merchandise.
  3. Configure and Manage Promotions, Deals, and Offers
  4. Manage Gift Vouchers
  5. Configure and Manage e Loyalty Cards
  6. Sales and Order fulfillment
  7. Shipment Tracking
  8. Customer Shopping

We manage your Retail IT needs so that you stay focused on your business. On the contrary, you no need to spend time, and money to build internal IT system to automate your retail business. What you need to give your team is just Mobile(s).

TechnoLabs continues to improve the Retail Cloud. We are going to add Finance/Accounting and Analytic modules to the cloud by end of the second quarter, 2015.