We conceptualized and developed our Retail Mobility product “Omni Retailer” , with the objective of managing a Retail Store by using Mobile APP. The advantages are two fold. To begin with, the Retailer doesn’t need any other hardware or software to run the Retail Business. The second enticing point is, there is no implementation or Installation time. The customer can use the Mobile for the following Store Managing activities. Mobility in retail provides operational efficiencies and can increase customer service.

With the current technologies, a Retail store may be using a number of hardware components. In addition to these components, they have to have a server that moniters the entire inventory alongwith other softwares. The connectivity to the server is wire based.

  1. Mobile POS
  2. Line Busing
  3. Stock Verification
  4. Inventory and Purchases
  5. eLoyalty
  6. Field Sales
  7. Mobile Interfacing with Weighing Machine, and Cash Drawer
  8. Alerts and Notifications
Store Management

Mobile can be used by Billing/POS staff, Store Manager, Purchase Executive, and Store helping staff. If it is with in the store, mobile can be connected to cloud through Wi-Fi. If the executive is away from the store, what he/she needs is at minimum, a 2G internet connection.

Our Retail Mobility product, Omni Retailer, is available on Android, IOS and Windows. The Retail Mobile APP can be downloaded from either from our site or from Google play store / Apple App store. The license must be activated before the Retail Mobile APP gets connected to our cloud.

However, the Retail Mobile APP can be connected to sample retail cloud to get familiar with the solution and its advantages.

For more details, please write us: business@technolabssoftware.com