A Retailer has more than reason to go for Mobile Shopper which is part of our Retail Mobility offering. Mobile Shopper not only makes the customer shopping experience memorable, but also saves space and supporting staff required. No need to stand in queue and we can capture the customer loyalty and buying pattern better. The Mobile Shopper is connected to the cloud so that inventory and Electronic Security provisioning happens.

A brief overview of Mobile Shopper is:
  1. Customer can get notifications to his mobile when/she goes to the mall or store
  2. The customer can download and install the Mobile Shopper APP
  3. Customer can select an item and use Mobile Shopper to read the barcode
  4. The items get added to the cart
  5. He/She can add many items to the cart and make payment
  6. After the payment is successful, Electronic Security Tag gets disabled
  7. An email and SMS will be sent to the exit gate security
  8. The Security Person can verify the items and remove the TAG
  9. Before selecting the items, the shopper can search for the best deals within each shopping category. Price Checking is easy
Customer Shopping

In case of grocery items, the customer can use Mobile Shopper to repeat the order or can visit the retail store virtually and place his/her order so that the Retailer can do door delivery.

For more details on our Retail Mobility, you may ask for discussion with business development team. Sales, Delivery and Post Delivery support and maintenance can be improved significantly.

You may download the Retail Sales APP from either Google play store or Apple App store. One can connect to sample cloud data and have trials. Mobile Sales APP is part of our Retail Mobility. However, this can be downloaded and used independently.

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