With Mobile in hand, a Sales Executive can become more efficient. Our Mobile Sales APP has the blend of functionalities and technology to make it potent for a Sales Executive. This is part of Retail Mobility suite. With Sales Mobile APP, the following sales activities are possible, starting from taking Sales Order to delivery and then post-delivery warranties and service.

  1. Sales Executive can take order along with full or partial payments
  2. Both card and cash payments are possible
  3. Can track the orders and fulfillment
  4. Can check the stocks before taking Orders
  5. Sales Executive can upload the supporting files and pictures
  6. The same APP can be used to manage Service and Warranties
  7. Customer complaints and tracking
Document Management

For more details on our Retail Mobility, you may ask for discussion with business development team. Sales, Delivery, and Post Delivery support and maintenance can be improved significantly.

You may download the Retail Sales APP from either Google play store or Apple App store. One can connect to sample cloud data and have trials. Mobile Sales APP is part of our Retail Mobility. However, this can be downloaded and use independently.

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