TechnoLabs in its Retail Mobility offering has comprehensive Customer Loyalty Program. With customer cloud console, the customer can configure and generate a batch of e-Loyalty cards and configure rewards rules. At Retail Store, the Retail Mobile APP or Omni Retailer can used to issue an e-Loyalty card from the batch of the cards generated by with the cloud console. The barcode that represents the Loyalty Card Number will be sent his/her mail ID or mobile. Then after, the customer can use his/her mobile as Loyalty Card. At billing counter, the customer can redeem his/her loyalty points.

Another customer loyalty module called “Frequent Customer” tracks the customer by using his/her mobile, does the categorization. Retail Business can identify the high value customers and configure deals for them.

In the next release, TechnoLabs is going to release e-Loyalty Vault that can have more than one loyalty card. Loyalty Vault is a Mobile APP that can be installed on a Mobile.

Mobile can be used by Billing/POS staff, Store Manager, Purchase Executive, and Store helping staff. If it is with in the store, mobile can be connected to cloud through Wi-Fi. If the executive is away from the store, what he/she needs is at minimum, a 2G internet connection.

Our Retail Mobility product, Omni Retailer, is available on Android, IOS and Windows. The Retail Mobile APP can be downloaded from either from our site or from Google play store / Apple App Store. The license must be activated before the Retail Mobile APP gets connected to our cloud.

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However, the Retail Mobile APP can be connected to sample retail cloud to get familiar with the solution and its advantages.

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