Empower business executives in sales, marketing, delivery, operations, and other functional areas where remote access to documents, and enterprise processes makes the difference. All you need is a mobile with the internet connectivity. With 3G in place, access to corporate applications and documents no more challenge. One can access the business documents and data right by using his/her mobile. Our MobiDocs (Mobile Document Management) makes it possible to get connected to Enterprise Documents and Data without compromising the security.

Please mail us your UDID(Unique Device Identifier), we will send you the evaluation

Capturing the content/Digitization

Additional devices are not needed, smart phone is good enough to capture the documents, audio, and video. Captured documents can be edited, add annotations, and can be converted into specific formats like PDF.

OCR and text reading with predefined hotspots

The user can read the business data from the document directly into form fields, with great accuracy. It saves enormous time while digitizing at organizational level. Flexibility to read specific fields from the document. All you need is a smart phone or tablet with min 5MP Camera.


Signature and Stamping

One can sign the document by using stencil or finger. TechnoLabs developed unique stamping feature that is exactly similar to real-life stamping. A user is allowed to access or more electronic stamps.


Business Annotations

The user can add one or more textual comments on top of the scanned documents. The text gets superimposed on top of the business document. A document can be linked to another document or other media file. A document can be embedded into another document as well.

Content Authoring

MOBIDOCS can be connected to third party ECM softwares like Interwoven, documentum, and MOSS. Mobile or Tablet can be used to create the documents, review and publish the documents. MOBIDOCS supports workflow by supporting the standards like BPEL and BPMN.

Search and view

One can use mobile to search and view the content which is stored at the remote server. Your documents are safe and foolproof security is applied to Enterprise Applications.

Mobile BPM

Use Mobile to access and participate in enterprise business processes. With MobiDocs installed with your mobile, you can access the business data and documents and do the necessary approvals. It is no more the case where information barriers delay the tasks and affect the productivity. We know how to separate personal and business data and apply BYOD across the enterprise.

MobiDocs can be used and the evaluation copies are available for the below business cases.

  1. ❖ Retail Loan processing
  2. ❖ Insurance
  3. ❖ Medical Records and Health industry