Gone are the days where one has to use laser scanner to capture documents/content. We believe it is going to be revolution and our Mobile based Mobidocs can handle your documents, end-to-end. You can scan, save, convert into PDF, and then upload to the Content Server, preferably Docstation. We apply advanced image processing techniques so that your content is very close to your original documents. We ensure that your documents are digitally signed so that you maintain confidentiality. You can always search and open the content from the content repository, provided you have permission.

Main components of MobiDocs are ….

  1. Capture, filter, enhance and save
  2. Edit, annotation, and link
  3. Sign, stamp, and upload
  4. Search and view from the server
  5. Collaboration
  6. Workflow and content authoring
Empower business executives in sales, marketing, delivery, operations, and other functional areas where remote access to documents, and enterprise processes makes the difference. All you need is a mobile with the internet connectivity. With 3G in place, access to corporate applications and documents no more challenge. One can access the business documents and data right by using his/her mobile. Our MobiDocs(Mobile Document Management) makes it possible to get connected to Enterprise Documents and Data without compromising the security.

MobiDocs for Android
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MobiDocs for iphone
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Please mail us your UDID(Unique Device Identifier),
we will send you the evaluation copy.
The combination of MobiDocs and DocStation bring new age technologies to your table. For hands on information please download the evaluation copies of our products and examine the usefulness to your business.
DocStation is the Document Management System from TechnoLabs which is built on the cutting edge technologies. It supports both Document based business processes and data based business processes. This is in addition to standard library services for authoring. Comes with BPMN editor and supports BPEL as well.