DocStation is comprehensive document management system that is built on the cutting edge technologies, keeping future mobility developments in mind. We built with the vision of handling both structured and non-structured data/information. Now, it is no more required to have multiple software products to automate your business processes. DocStation has BPM engine that supports both BPEL and BPMN. You can configure business processes that can have the below combination.

  1. Only Document Processing
  2. Only Data Processing
  3. Both Document and Data Processing

Completely based on XML store, it is light weight and easy to use. Below are the some of the highlights of the DocStation. It is also part of the Document Management initiative TechnoLabs has been spearheading.

  1. Supports both Library and Business flows
  2. Feature to switch from data mode to document mode
  3. No need to have BPEL engine to implement the business processes
  4. Advanced documents editing and manipulation technologies
  5. BPMN editor to design and configure the business flows
  6. Collaboration features that supports multiple channels
  7. Support for both Android and iPhone
  8. Easy to implement enterprise business processes and their by Enterprise Mobility
  9. Web Services interfaces to integrate with the third party applications
  10. Open standards and easy to customize

For the below details on DocStation, please send mail to

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  2. Technical Specifications
  3. Product downloading
  4. Business Cases
  5. Product Licensing