Our E-Commerce product portfolio can take care of end-to-end needs of commerce requirements. Our customers can maximize the return on investment (ROI) as there is no dependency on the third party product/licenses. Except two companies (IBM and Oracle), there is no software vendor who offers complete E-Commerce solution including Trading Partner Integration. TechnoLabs has taken this initiative and continues to take the lead in developing E-Commerce technologies with Mobility enablement.

To make the end-to-end E-Commerce implementation possible, the following features are essential.

  1. Browser enabled B2C
  2. Mobile enabled B2C
  3. Merchandize and Warehousing
  4. Content storage and retrieval
  5. Mapping and Translation
  6. Connectors to Backend like SAP
  7. B2B Message Transfer engine
  8. Business Process Automation and BPM
  9. Business Activity Monitoring
  10. Logs and Tracking
  11. Reporting and Business intelligence
  12. Retail outlet Management or POS

Commerce Center is comprehensive enough to address the all above said needs of a e-Commerce implementation. Commerce Center is available either as a whole or individual module. Needless to say the customers always want to implement in phased manner as they realize the benefits IT assets. A typical and most important requirement for a business would to host an E-Commerce Portal. The portal that allows the customers to sell products and services, online.