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Retail Cloud


Billing & Payments
Stock Management
Customer Loyalty
Door Delivery
Payment Options


Navigation,Scaning and Payments
Optmized exit process
Shopping from any where

Purchases & Supplies
Stock Management
Logistics Integration
Batch tracking


Auto commerce portal
Service Area definition
Routing & Door Delivery
Customer Service Monitoring

Our R & D


Alternate to self checkouts
Better customer experience

Inshop mode with navigation
Outshop mode

3D Modelling & AR
Realtime shopping

Remote monitoring & control
Foot fall
Customer face recognition

Customer Access Control
Remote Monitoring & Alerts
Wifi Cart & Product Tracking

Customer Loyalty
Behaviour tracking

Inshop/Online experience
Customer Engagement

Scalability & Performance
Data Security
Data Management

Smart Outlets


NO CAPEX, Support & Maintenance

Migrate at no cost

Leaders in Retail Technologies

One stop for Retailers

Select rigth plan for incremental automation.

Labelling to last mile
Wireless,No Server,& Ready to use

Commerce Portal
Social Media
Mobile Commerce

Inshop Mode
Shop from any where

Footfalls & Customer face recognition
Behaviour tracking
Loyalty Program

Promotions with complex offers
Seamless and dynamic

Customer Loyalty
Product/Inventory Management

3D Modelling of the outlet
Realtime shopping

Monitoring using IoT
MDM for mobile devices


Our products portfolio comprise of four important strategic business areas which in turn categorized into several sub-areas. Our focus remains limited to these areas in the years to come. Our endeavor is to gain the par excellence and continue to create value addition to our customers.

While released our products Omni Retailer, MobiDocs, and DocStation to the market, we are yet to release Commerce Center. Our commerce solution Commerce Center will be released in year 2016.We strive to bring cutting edge technologies to customers by enriching our product and solutions perpetually.


Omni Retailer – The comprehensive retail solution

The USP of our product is “RUN THE RETAIL BUSINESS ONLY WITH MOBILE”. The retailer can now focus on their business without draining their energies and resources on hardware and software as all they need to have is just either IPAD or TABLET. The entire computing is hosted with the highly available cloud. Each customer is given a console so that they can configure and manage Warehouses, Retail Stores, Field Sales, Deals, Offers, Loyalty Cards, and Analytics. At retail store level, what you need is only Mobile.

  1. Billing & MPOS
  2. (Mobile) Store Management
  3. (Mobile) Warehouse Management
  4. Mobile Sales APP
  5. eLoyalty & Rewards
  6. Reports & Analytics

The Mobile Device connects to CLOUD for accessing Inventory and other retail business data. At retail store end, mobile is integrated with Printer, Weighing Machine, Payment Device and Cash Drawer

omni retailer

MobiDocs – Mobile Document Management & Mobile BPM

We prefer to use Information Management instead of document Management as our solution handles both documents and data. Third dimension is inbuilt collaboration.

Mobile Document Management product that is available on both Android and iPhone platforms. With MobiDocs, you will be able to handle your enterprise data and documents 24X7, even if you are away from the enterprise walls. MobiDocs can address the enterprise requirements without compromising the device security, MDM, and MAM. MobiDocs can fulfill the Enterprise Mobility requirements by making the business processes available on mobile.

DocStation – Information Management Server

With DocStation server, you can save all your scanned documents in one place. The server is totally secured and highly available. Even if, due to any case, your documents saved on your device gets misplaced, you need not worry about it. All your documents will be securely available on the cloud which you can access anywhere and at any point of time.


Commerce Center – One platform for both mCommerce and eCommerce

Our product suite Commerce Center has all that is required to manage retail store, online portal, mobile B2C, and B2B. Our product Omni Retailer is completely Mobile based and can be used manage the store, including MPOS.

Since its inception, TechnoLabs pursued technology and products development route on cutting edge technologies. Even with its humble beginning, TechnoLabs believes innovation as its strength and it is the key for its growth. To begin with, we identified four business areas (Document Management, Mobile Apps for Retail, Enterprise Mobility, and eCommerce Platform) and rolled out the products related to those areas. All our products and solutions are limited to those business areas. We believe in having laser focus on our solution areas so that we can become the best. Our solution offerings can beat the best of business figures, when we implement around our products. Our products are based on open source and open standards. There is no dependency on the third party licensed software so that the total cost of ownership is under check. We continue to bring value addition to our customers by way of adding more and more technology innovations to our products.


Our commerce product portfolio is designed and developed to address the end-to-end needs of the enterprise commerce. Christened as “COMMERCE CENTER”, it is studded with the all functionalities required to implement the complete commerce solution. At the same time, the customer has option to go for specific module and plugin within the existing eco system. The customer can select the one of the below products component.

Enterprise Mobility – Products

enterprise mobility

TechnoLabs products portfolio can make the Enterprise Mobility possible. That too with minimum efforts. If you use DocStation to implement your business processes, an executive can access any business process as long as he/she has access rigths. Zero efforts required to make the data and documents available upto mile.

All our products and solutions are available on Mobile. On the contrary, some of the enticing features are available only on Mobile due to its portability and inbuilt functions like Camera. We continue to improvise our products and bring value addition to our customers.

Please contact us for more informtion: business@technolabssoftware.com