We see Mobile as the futuristic device that can be used practically for all business applications. Mobile is not just used for voice calls only; all present technologies are converging on mobile platforms. Our Mobile practice envisages the Mobility as the key to our product portfolio. We have been working on mobile platforms for last three years. We continue to explore the business areas where Mobile can solve the specific problem and bring the difference. Please don’t hesitate to reach to us to get more details on our Mobility capabilities. We will make the POCs are available for you.

Some of the business areas we applied the mobile technologies successfully are…..

Mobile Practice

As computing power and internet bandwidth are affordable, Mobile can do what current day Laptop/Desk top is able to do. With mobility and portability on Mobile side, except hardcore software professionals, most of the office executives and common man tend to use Mobile to communicate, access data and to run software applications. We will see a day where Mobile will replace several electronic gadgets or peripherals. TechnoLabs is at forefront in driving Mobile technologies across industry spectrum.

Below are the areas, we started focusing recently. We are planning to make these technologies part of our solutions. These technologies can bring difference to our solutions.

Mobile Practice

While we are developing products, we worked extensively several areas of mobile technologies. Some of the mobile technologies we have been practicing for last three years are

Mobile Practice

For detailed understanding on our technical capabilities, please write to