Our J2EE practice has the reach and depth in conceptualizing, design, and implement the best solutions to our customers. We use J2EE platform to develop all server side components of our products and solutions. Except few image processing libraries which are developed in C++, the remaining innovation and product development happens in JAVA. Our re-usable components are either developed as SOAP services or RESTFUL services. We extensively work on java related web technologies like XML, jQuery, AJAX, and SPRING. Building portals, architecting and implementing SOA, System Integration, Implementation of eCommerce solution on J2EE, and B2B Integration are the areas where we can bring value addition to our customers. We have experience and expertise in giving the Enterprise Architecture where diverse products and technologies are in place. We extensively work on Vanilla J2EE and Fusion brand of products. Our Fusion expertise also includes WebLogic range of products like WebLogic Portal, WebLogic Integration, Oracle Service Bus, and Connector technologies to integrate back ends like SAP.

Some of the business areas, we applied J2EE technologies successful are…

J2EE Practice

We work extensively on the below J2EE technologies that are critical to our business verticals. We continue to expand our technology footprint. Java will remain our core platform for innovation. All our technology libraries are built on Java.

J2EE Practice

For detailed understanding on our technical capabilities, please write to business@technolabssoftware.com