As a technology driven company TechnoLabs is into development of products and solution capabilities. Our technology development happens in Java, .NET, IOS, and Mobility. TechnoLabs is not in the business of mastering third party application softwares and do implementation services. Our workforce have been mastered to work in the below areas. Being a product development company, we train and mentor the workforce internally. This is due to the fact that product development needs comprehensive understanding of computer science.

Our prime focus is to transit our customers from traditional platforms to tech-gen platform. We bring our Mobility capabilities as value addition to our customers. You can bank on TechnoLabs to implement your enterprise mobility with industry best practices.

Technology Practices
Technology Practices

Critical technology developments are done either in Java or in C++. For instance, we develop our Image Processing libraries in C++. Core of all our products are developed on Java as a computing platform due to the fact that we adhere to open source and open standards.

We extend technical expertise and support where ever third party integration is required. We understand and guide you in arriving at the optimum Enterprise Architecture, keeping TCO at it’s minimum.