Yes, you read it correct.

We don’t think lesser creatures like animals, birds or even virus survive just by instincts. We take inspiration from the nature and apply the intelligence of human beings.

The limitation of individual or an organization comes from the limitation of thoughts. One cannot achieve more than what he/she thinks. In TechnoLabs, we don’t limit ourselves due to limitation of thoughts.

For an organization who is into products, churning of thoughts is critical. Thoughts lead to creative products. Successful products known by their niche in solving the business problem.

In TechnoLabs, we envision to create world class products. We promote a culture where ideas are encouraged.

Despite our humble beginning, we have taken products route. Our forte is creative products that are result of collective thoughts.

In other words, our growth is directly related to thoughts. We measure our thoughts by way doing innovations that can bring difference to customers.

Some of the measurements we use to measure the effect of the thoughts at organizational level.
Measure thoughts
  1. Thoughts shared per head
  2. Thoughts short-listed per head
  3. Thoughts implemented per head
  4. Top three ideas/thoughts in year
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