You can leverage our products and solutions in specific areas viz. Retail, eCommerce, mCommerce, Education, Construction, and eGovernance. Our products provide proven platforms for Document Management & Mobile BPM, Enterprise Mobility, and Retail Business.
  • Do you want your leadership and executives to access the documents and data from anywhere and at any time?
  •    The answer is Document Management and mobile BPM.
  • Do you want to your leadership must have access to enterprise data or documents even if they are on SAFARI, in Africa?
  •    Think about Information Management. Not just document management or data management.
  • Are you concerned about the data security if your executives use mobile to access enterprise applications?
  •    Secured and BYOD.
  • Do you want that your customers should access and buy your products and services from anywhere?
  •    Leverage our eCommerce and mCommerce offerings.
  • Can I manage my retail business by using connection less and mobile technology?
  •    Have trial version of our product Omni Retailer to manage your retail stores.
Your expectations are real and it is just a touch away from you. Our Mobility expertise can break the information barriers between Business and Employee (B2E) and Business and Customer (B2C). Are you from one of the below business verticals? If so, we can present business cases where mobile can play a critical role in improving productivity, save operational cost, and achieve better customer service levels.
  • Retail
  • eCommerce
  • mCommerce
  • Construction
  • eGovernance
Case Studies

With our solutions in place, you can achieve the below tangible results. That too without deep IT budget or prolonged implementation cycle.
  •    Enhance the employees productivity.
  •    Get the right data or documents 24×7.
  •    Make the organization environment friendly.
  •    Improved customer service.
  •    Organize and manage your agents and field executives well.
With advent of new products and tools on Mobile Platforms, traditional applications can be ported to Mobile. This is applicable to Enterprise Applications (Business to Employee), Online Commerce (B2C), Sales and other applications. Mobile brings all in one platform to customers pocket. Especially, Mobile knows how to interface with external world. It has Senses and Processing capabilities. With smartphones, limitation of memory and processing is no more the case. Mobile can do much more than typical Laptop or Desktop, and still fits into the palm.
  •    Mobile can be used to capture the business documents or content.
  •    Manipulate or enhance the content.
  •    Upload and save the data or documents with the server over internet.
  •    Check the business status from any where.
  •    Make it paperless from the last mile itself.
  •    Work while walking.
  •    No need of deep pockets to realize the benefits of cutting edge technologies.
  •    Faster implementation within 3 months.
Information Management
Please contact us for more details on Document Management & Mobile BPM, Enterprise Mobility, Retail Mobility, and eCommerce. We can provide products/downloads along with evaluation Licenses.