Business Process Automation

Important areas where TechnoLabs can help you?

  1. To automate business processes that encompasses multiple existing applications/information systems. Document Management as well as Data Management.
  2. Connect external user or employee to the enterprise through mobile BPM.
  3. Make your online sales possible by using our eCommerce and mCommerce platform.
  4. Integrate your Trading Partners (B2B) and improve the turnaround time.

Do you think the below reasons effecting your business?

  1. Does your organization still use paper in your business operations?
  2. Do you still have concerns that you need to maintain hardcopy of every document your business needs?
  3. Can the automation be very close to current manual working style?
  4. Can I access the old documents?
  5. What would happen to all existing documents accumulated over the years?
  6. Is it secure to use mobile for accessing documents and do the business decisions?
  7. Can I use the same software for data and documents?
  8. Can I integrate with my existing application softwares?
  9. What is the total cost of ownership to implement such advanced solution?
  10. What could be the implementation time?
  11. Online sales or eCommerce is not yet implemented?
  12. Do you still use paper to conduct business with your business partner and agents?

Yes, your valid questions must need valid answers before you take decision. TechnoLabs with its flagship products MobiDocs and DocStation can automate your business processes. We will be able to guide you in integrating the existing applications and ensure that the each business flow transitioned from paper to electronic form. We know how to digitize your existing business documents and save them before you do search and retrieve them. We do extend you the necessary professional help so that you can follow the best standards in the entire document life cycle.So is case with your eCommerce or Online business. Our product, “Commerce Center” can make your B2C and B2B channels very smooth and enticing.

We would be more than happy to engage our Subject Matter Expert to answer all your queries. Please write to us: