Comprehensive eCommerce Platform to implement and manage the end-to-end commerce needs. Starting from Retail Store Management to B2B or Trading Partner Integration. Single product suite to implement eCommerce, mCommerce, Merchandize, B2C and B2B. We leveraged mobile technology to have better connectivity and improved customer experience.
As common man become tech-savvy, it is inevitable to give him/her a very pleasant and time saving shopping experience. We identified and implemented some of the important functionalities that can give great shopping experience to the customers. The customers expect easy access and navigation starting from finding your products and services with Google or other search engines till the time, goods are delivered. So is the case when the customers visit your showroom. He/She no more wants to stand in a queue before billing is done. So is the case with Retailer. The Retailer may not want to keep the stock right in show room. We studied the gaps and applied the mobile technology to plug in the gaps. Our solution offerings has the below mentioned features.
  1. Mobile enabled remote shopping
  2. Mobile enabled navigation and payment with in showroom or store. It saves space and other resources to the retailer as well.
  3. Mobile Notifications and Alerts
  4. Customer loyalty and rewards
Our solutions takes the shopping experience to new heights that can lead to sales more than one fold. In addition to the above mentioned features, TechnoLabs can help in the following areas as well. Mobile technology can be used to run the retail store effectively. By using Mobile, you can enhance the customer relationship and get repeat business.
  1. B2C portal implementation
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and raising the visibility of your products and services
  3. B2C on Mobile
  4. Use mobile to search, and pay with in show room
  5. Customer relationship on mobile
  6. Use Mobile Point of sale (MPOS) to have more counters at less cost
  7. Billing at the customer door including card payment
  8. Orders on Mobile including payment
TechnoLabs is one of the products companies who applied the Mobile technologies in every area of the retail business. It is no more fancy idea to use Mobile to give great shopping experience to the customer. Rather, it saves time and resources for both customer and the retailer.
We will be happy share the more on demand. For more details, please write to us: business@technolabssoftware.com