TechnoLabs, since its inception, focused on technologies and innovation, and our vision is to become global leader in innovation. Our products are the result of laser focus we have on technology development. Our Endeavour is to bring the cost of innovation to affordable levels. We continue to focus on new technologies and create Intellectual Property Rights. We have committed team to make the generational difference.

Even though we started with only software development, we envision to roll out solutions that are combination of both hardware and software. We can produce the best quality provided we develop and control both hardware and software. Apple is an example to follow.


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  • We have been developing technologies around Mobility that can make difference to last mile computing with respect to the below business verticals.
    • a) Retail Sector
    • b) Commerce (B2C & B2B)
    • c) Document Management & Mobile BPM
    • d) Enterprise Mobility
  • Our endeavor is to reduce the cost of the solution by way of developing cost effective and alternate technologies. For example, our product Omni Retailer empowers the Retailer so that

    they can run their Retail Outlets and Warehouses by using MOBILE or IPAD. No wires and say BYE to all Desktops, Network Devices and Servers.

  • Our focus remains on products/solution development. We have no focus on IT services like support, and maintenance. We are equipped to guide our customers starting from

    conceptualization/enterprise architecture to implementation, in the above said four areas.


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TechnoLabs as your IT partner, you will be able to bridge the gap between your business needs and IT with agility and speed. Our architects can study your existing infrastructure and lay down the roadmap for transition. We gained subject matter expertise in specific business areas and we can transform your business in the following areas. In nutshell, you spare minimum time on technologies and stay focused on your business.


Retail Suite – Omni Retailer

eCommerce & mCommerce

While Omni Retailer suite can be used to automate the operations of Retail Outlet and Warehouses by using Mobile, our commerce platform named “Commerce Center” makes the B2C possible.
  • eCommerce Center (Mobile B2C).
  • eCommerce Center (Online Portal B2C).
  • eCommerce Center (Payments).
  • eCommerce Center (Trading Partner Integration).
  • eCommerce Center (Business Intelligence).

Document Management& Mobile BPM

  • MobiDocs(Mobile Document Management) – Use Mobile for the entire document life cycle. Starting from        digitization to Business Approvals.
  • DocStation – Document Management Server that supports high volume storage with BPMN and BPEL        workflow engines. MobiDocs and DocStation combination is the perfect combination to serve your        enterprise needs.

Enterprise Mobility

It is the time to leverage Mobility advancements and stay connected to organization. You can use mobile to access business data and documents and perform the tasks as if you are in your office. Business Approvals can happen over mobile either by using our DocStation or any other third party BPMN/BPEL engine.

For more details on TechnoLabs please do contact us info@technolabssoftware.com