TechnoLabs has been practicing specific niche technology areas and our products and solutions are enriched due to technologies we have been the best at. Our Solutions are available around our products so that we can bring down Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In other words, there is hardly any dependency on the third party products/licenses. We are able to reduce both initial deployment cost and post implementation cost.
We offer solutions in the following business areas. Each solution area is enriched due to our products. All products are mobile enabled and enriched with latest technologies.
  1. ❖ Document Management
  2. ❖ eCommerce Platform
  3. ❖ Enterprise Mobility
  4. ❖ Business Process Automation
DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT is the area where we invest heavily. Our image processing capabilities make it much more enticing. Our enterprise mobility solution offerings depend on how handle both data and documents. Our products are designed and developed to handle the Enterprise Mobility effectively.
  1. MobiDocs
    We are able to address the last mile business across the industry verticals. MobiDocs connects to your Enterprise Information Systems and access the document and data so that you can use Mobile to do business tasks from where ever you are. MobiDocs works on top of your Enterprise Security framework so that you don’t compromise with business security. MobiDocs also comes with inbuilt security features so that data or documents don’t fall into the wrong hands.
  2. DocStation
    Server side Document Management System (DMS) that is capable of handling both Document and Data. Built on cutting edge technologies, we implemented BPEL Engine work flow engine that handles both data and documents. Comes with BPMN editor and a business user can develop process and workflows. Apart from the standard features of the Content Management System, it comes with signature, stamping, annotations, OCR, and with Mobility support.
Some of the areas where we can make the difference to our customers. If you already have the Document Management solution in place, our Mobile Document Management capabilities can compliment and enhance your reach and service levels.
  1. Last mile banking
  2. eGovernance
  3. Health
  4. Insurance
Our eCommerce solution comprehensive enough to addresses the needs of B2C, B2B, Inventory, and Store/Warehouse management needs. We are able to make it comprehensive and competitive as we have been developing ecommerce centric tools and technologies for last four years. Below are products that are part of E-COMMERCE products portfolio.
  1. Omni Retailer – (Mobile based retail solution)
    1. Mobile Point of sale(MPOS)
    2. Store Management by using Mobile
    3. Loyalty Cards on mobile
    4. Mobile based payments and orders
  2. eCommerce Center
    1. B2C Portal
    2. Inventory and warehousing
    3. Retail outlet management
    4. mCommerce
    5. Trading Partner Integration (B2B)
    6. Content management
    7. Campaigns, deals, offers
Enterprise Mobility is another much talked subject in the CIO circles and yet at its infant stage. Mobile vendors are either released or in the process releasing security framework that can separate personnel usage of the mobile from Business Usage. TechnoLabs is geared to analyze, and implement the proper Enterprise Mobile Solution on top of the homegrown technologies and products. As a customer, you would appreciate the value addition we bring to your IT investment. No big time licensing and every year support cost involved. You need not be on your toes to make your business in synch with fast paced technology developments.
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