ECOMMERCE drives economies. With revolution in IT, eCommerce is not just about quality goods and services. Technology can bring WOW effect to your sales and business. We at TechnoLabs have been practicing ECOMMERCE as niche area. Business houses can get great relief as they need not to have multiple softwares from plethora of vendors. TechnoLabs can be your one stop shop for your entire 360o E-COMMERCE needs.
Key areas of our eCommerce portfolio are below :
  1. Online eCommerce portals (B2C)
  2. Mobile shopping (B2C)
  3. Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS)
  4. Online Payments
  5. Inventory and Warehouse
  6. Content Management
  7. Customer Orders – Mobile
  8. Trading Partner Integration (B2B)
    1. EDI
    2. XML
    3. Industry specific protocols
    4. Support to transfer protocols like SFTP, AS2
  9. Business Process Integration
  10. Integration with SAP or Oracle Apps
  11. Reports and Business Intelligence