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New age Enterprises – Mobility

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New age Enterprises – Mobility

It is very exciting time for someone who is tech-savvy. I have been watching the evolution of Mobile for last one decade. It was great experience for me to buy and use mobile for talking. Amazing Gadget!! I was able to connect with anybody without a wire. I witnessed the 2G and 3G networks and
started more than wondering where Mobile technology would end!!!
To my belief, Mobile made inroads into enterprises. It is the fact that senior leadership of every business house uses Mobile to collaborate and take decisions. Now time has come, Mobile will further open the doors between employees and business. With Enterprise Mobility in place, employees can
access the data from anywhere. The deep concern about the data security can be addressed. I see lot of efforts from the hardware vendors to address the security concerns and position their products for Enterprise Mobility.
It is just matter of time, Mobile will replace both Laptop and Desktops. The only exception would be the professionals who develop software.

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