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Mobile – The third eye

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Mobile – The third eye

In ancient Indian philosophy, people used consider knowledge as third eye. Saints and Seers used to see the world with their third eye. In the modern world where technology becomes disruptive, Mobile can become third eye. Mobile can show you the world where our eye
failed to capture. What we have seen so far is just beginning of the Mobile Computing. We are sure; mobile becomes all pervasive and going to be ultimate gadget, both for personnel and professional usage.

Let us look at the evolution of Mobile bit closely

  1. First it was just communication device
  2. Then we started using it for entertainment like music and games
  3. Now, we use it for collaboration and professional requirements as well

Some of the professional areas where Mobile captured our imagination are..

  1. Enterprise Mobility
  2. Mobile Document Management
  3. Mobile Point of Sale
  4. Digitization by using Mobile
  5. Fingerprint validation by using Mobile Camera
It would be interesting to see the developments for next 5 – 10 years on Mobility.
Early birds can define the shape of the industry. Let us watch the developments with all attention it is deserved.

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