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Mobile Point-of-Sale: Redefining the Retail Sector

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Mobile Point-of-Sale: Redefining the Retail Sector

In the past, Point of sale systems included the large and expensive hardware that we are familiar with. In the last few years, new and innovative tablet and smartphone-based point-of-sale systems have emerged that are heavily disrupting this space. The expensive and complex point-of-sale systems of the past are slowly being replaced by these much more cost effective and user friendly mobile systems.

Mobile Point of Sale

Mobile Point of Sale

Many mobile payment apps available on the market present a simple and sleek way to accept payments. By simply downloading an app, anyone can turn their phone or tablet into a cash register. To turn these mobile payment apps into fully fledged “mobile point-of-sale solutions” for small and medium retailers, the peripheral devices of traditional point-of-sale systems need to be added to the assembly.
With the latest mobile technologies, these devices can be used virtually, hence transforming tablet-based mobile payment solutions into mobile point-of-sale solutions. For example, a merchant can scan directly through a tablet or smartphone-based camera, replace bill printers with SMS and email bills, process item returns, incorporate customer loyalty programs and import their products to store inventory levels. These tablet and smartphone-based point-of-sale systems deliver technology once reserved for large and established retailers, and make it available to businesses of all shapes and sizes.
Omni Retailer is comprehensive point-of-sale suite with special focus on Retail Mobility. TechnoLabs has been at the forefront in applying Mobile technology to solve the business problems. We ensured that technology is reliable and robust enough to replace existing Retail technologies and devices in place. What takes is just having a smart phone or TAB and no additional equipment required. You can use our Retail Cloud to manage your inventory/merchandise, sales, Deals/Offers, Loyalty and other retail operations.

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