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Mobile Document Management

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Mobile Document Management

Document management systems are the computer programs developed for the management of large quantities of documents, usually track and store electronic documents or images of paper documents. Besides, any other enterprice content managemenet including images, videos etc. can be managed. Mobile document management, means performs these actions through a mobile device such as a Smartphone with Android OS & iPhone.(For more information on doucument management).

What are the advantages of Mobile Document Management – MobiDocs? The main benefits of document management with access from a mobile device are similar to the benefits that occurred after gaining access to documents from a browser through web content managers vs local file managers: Fast access from any location, even for professionals who need to find information vital to their work “on the fly.” For example, factory workers who need to consult a specific process to do it or document an incident, without having to do it on paper. Such situations often occur in the processes that comply a quality management standard, requiring to have documented all incidents along a workflow.

Empower business executives in sales, marketing, delivery, operations, and other functional areas where remote access to documents, and enterprise processes makes the difference. All you need is a mobile with the internet connectivity. With 3G in place, access to corporate applications and documents no more challenge. One can access the business documents and data right by using his/her mobile. Our MobiDocs (Mobile Document Management) makes it possible to get connected to Enterprise Documents and Data without compromising the security.

How much can i save using MobiDocs? In most companies, the use of smartphones is widespread. This allows you to deploy mobility solutions for access to company information, at minimal cost.

Unlike paper or desktop PCs, the mobile device is a lightweight, easy to maintain device and easily accessible from anywhere. You can use your mobile phone from anywhere: on a train, while traveling through the city by public transport, a taxi etc. more comfortably than with a laptop or netbook, with a consequent increase in productivity doing a search, the signature of a document to be approved, or a quick review of a document.

MobiDocs (Mobile Document Management), with the help of which one can get connected to Enterprise Documents and Data without compromising the security. It also offers feature such as 

  1. Capturing the content (Documents, Audio, Video).

  2. OCR and text reading with predefined hotspots.

  3. Manipulating the content.

  4. Image Processing (Image Enhancement).

  5. Annotations.

  6. Signature and Stamping.

  7. Image Cropping.

  8. Attachments.

  9. Content Authoring and Uploading.

10. Uploading or Sharing the content.

11. Workflow and Business Process Automation.

12. Business Data and Business Process Management.

13. Collaboration .
MobiDocs can be used and the evaluation copies are available for the below industries.

1.Retail Loan processing


 3.Medical Records and Health industry.

This product is available for download

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