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    As internet become powerful media, the success of today’s business very much dependent on the way end user exploits the internet. Irrespective of the size of the organization, the business is very much depends on the internet, directly or indirectly. In other words, internet is not just enabler but decider.
    The recent developments in wireless/mobile technologies are able to bring the organizations much closer to the customer. The way smart phones are evolving it just matter of time end user will use Mobile to do purchases or business transactions.
    While organizations with fat IT budgets can maintain the pace with the technology, but the majority of the organizations are facing challenges. The challenges are many fold and not technology alone.
    1. Bigger partners have more than one type of ecommerce running
    2. Multiple standards and protocols are being used
    3. High maintenance cost due to diverse technology landscape
    4. Changing of business partners and their needs (B2B)
    5. Integration with the existing applications
    6. Tracking and Transaction security
    7. Technology changes/upgrades
    8. Expertise to drive the IT assets in right direction
    All challenges can be addressed provided we have enough resources at our disposal. What matters is the right solution that can bridge the gap between IT budgets and the Implementation cost. Need to apply technologies with wisdom and address the needs of specific customer. The cost of the technology has to improve the profit margins rather than eating into the margins.

    As internet become powerful media, the success of today’s business very much dependent on the way end user exploits the internet. Irrespective of the size of the organization, the business is very much depends on the internet, directly or indirectly. In other words, internet is not just enabler but decider.
    For organizations to excel there has to be differentiating factors even though the technologies and business environment is same. Customers keep spending money on IT and not always get ROI (Return on Investment). The differentiating factors we give to our customers made us to work on the optimization of our processes, resources, and re-usable technical components.
    1. Our 3600 delivery model ensures ROI.
    2. Our expertise ensures that we apply right combination of open source and licensed softwares.
    3. Our in-house developed critical components help us in achieving faster implantation targets.
    4. We are able to maintain the best SLA levels in the industry
    5. Prolonged post implementation warranty
    6. Continuous improvements in technology and delivery process

    ECommerce – Implementation Scenarios

    If you are in business, you must be into one of the following scenario. Every scenario needs to be handled differently so that you can save time and resources. Not necessarily every CIO might AS IS to the expected levels.
    No eCommerce portal?
    You have site in place but there is no solution deployed to do online business. You have lot of business potential and can get more business, if proper B2C portal is in place. You want to run campaigns and personalize the B2C portal. Also you want to improve the search results so that users can find you products and services on the internet.
    No end-to-end eCommerce solution?
    You are able to do online order taking but have difficulty in fulfilling as the end-to-end solution is not in place. Unable to do prompt delivery despite the fact that you have enough stock. Inventory and Goods Ordering is not optimized and resulting in locked capital. You continue to do manual processing cutting across business processes. Your suppliers or business partners pressing for complete automation of all business transactions including financial transactions like cheque clearance.
    No B2B Automation?
    You have established and stable B2C implementation. As you have steady raise in business partners, you want to automate B2B part. The B2B comprise of both traditional EDI and current XML based transactions. You need to do secure B2B over internet wire. You have core application like SAP that is supporting your operations. But your B2C and B2B business processes are not integrated with your SAP implementation. You also don’t want to rewrite everything as the existing B2C implementation is working and you already invested lot.
    Needs Mobile enablement?
    Your eCommerce implementation has no support to mobile devices. As smart phones are very powerful, more and more customers are using smart phones instead of conventional laptops/desktops. It becomes more necessary to support more than one mobile platform. Surely adds more figures to your shrinking budgets. By default, our commerce solution is mobile enabled.
    Huge Document storage required?
    While you are planning for online commerce, you need to have huge document storage capabilities. This includes products and their images, Deals, Offers, and Scanned Business documents. One has to have Document Management System or Content Management System in place. TechnoLabs as your solution provider, you no need to have separate Content Management Licensing. Our Commerce solution comes with scaled down version of DocSation which is new age Document Management Software.
    Customer Loyalty
    How you identify and retain the repeat customers? Not many retailers are able to capture and read customer’s behavior and loyalty. So is the case with connecting the customers and collaborate with them. TechnoLabs Commerce Center has the comprehensive loyalty program that can bring you repeat business which is more critical for the growth.

    I referred the following documents while preparing the eCommerce Solution blog. This is in addition to the generic information I get from various sources like Google search.
    1. Commerce Center Reference guide 2.1
    2. DocStation user’s handbook 2.0
For more details, please feel free write to us to solutions@technolabssoftware.com
We would be more than happy to support you on demand.

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