Customer Experience Research

Apart from the product quality, Customer’s Loyalty is very much depends on the Shopping Experience and Loyalty Program. This is applicable to experience with in any Retail Outlet, and Online Shopping. With TechnoLabs Retail Cloud, it is seamless and the customer is tracked and rewarded for his/her Loyalty.

We applied advanced AI technology to present right products and convert the Customer Visit into Business Transaction. Our solution makes it seamless and the experience gap between In-shop and Online Shopping is very much narrowed. Even with online shopping, the customers can go to each outlet and experience the virtual shopping experience. Customers can use their mobile to do shopping with in the Outlet and also from outside with same degree of reality and experience.

Following are the highlights of our Customer Experience research.

Customer can search and reach products racks within Outlet.

Walk-in counts and In-shop customer behavior capturing.

Self Checkouts and In-shop experience.

3D and Virtual Reality to simulate the Retail Outlet with Mobile.

Customer tracking and Analytics based Campaigns/Loyalty.

Cross selling & Up selling.