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Retail Cloud


Billing & Payments
Stock Management
Customer Loyalty
Door Delivery
Payment Options


Navigation,Scaning and Payments
Optmized exit process
Shopping from any where

Purchases & Supplies
Stock Management
Logistics Integration
Batch tracking


Auto commerce portal
Service Area definition
Routing & Door Delivery
Customer Service Monitoring

Our R & D


Alternate to self checkouts
Better customer experience

Inshop mode with navigation
Outshop mode

3D Modelling & AR
Realtime shopping

Remote monitoring & control
Foot fall
Customer face recognition

Customer Access Control
Remote Monitoring & Alerts
Wifi Cart & Product Tracking

Customer Loyalty
Behaviour tracking

Inshop/Online experience
Customer Engagement

Scalability & Performance
Data Security
Data Management

Smart Outlets


NO CAPEX, Support & Maintenance

Migrate at no cost

Leaders in Retail Technologies

One stop for Retailers

Select rigth plan for incremental automation.

Labelling to last mile
Wireless,No Server,& Ready to use

Commerce Portal
Social Media
Mobile Commerce

Inshop Mode
Shop from any where

Footfalls & Customer face recognition
Behaviour tracking
Loyalty Program

Promotions with complex offers
Seamless and dynamic

Customer Loyalty
Product/Inventory Management

3D Modelling of the outlet
Realtime shopping

Monitoring using IoT
MDM for mobile devices

eCommerce & mCommerce

TechnoLabs carry more than four years of experience on eCommerce &mCommerce requirements cutting across various business verticals.
We conceptualized and developed top performing Commerce portals. Formco International, UK has retail business branded as eChemsit. www.echemist.co.uk is one such where the average response time is less 4 seconds.


  • www.echemist.co.uk



    Business Case: It is eCommerce portal that can support thousands of products. Conceptualized, Designed, and Built by TechnoLabs is one of the top performing sites. Deals, Offers, Multi-Currency, and Payments are handled. Built on SOA platform to make it interoperable with other information silos with in Formco International.

  • m.echemist.co.uk



    Business Case: This mCommerce portal was built to support all mobile devices the max 3 seconds response time. The mobile site consumes both SOAP andRESTFul services.Lightweight and runs fast on basic mobile as well.

  • theblackfriday.com



    Business Case: The requirement was the multiple deals must be configured with a single image dynamically. The deals must be visible immediately after image deployment.Image Mapping, jQuery and Table Data was used to design deploy Deals and Offers.

  • www.myfairdoctors.com



    Business Case: Started developing as eCommerce portal. In addition to eCommerce Portals, conceptualized the single Admin Console to manage multiple eCommerce Portals.

TechnoLabs eCommerce platform, “Commerce Center” , can make the both B2C and B2B (Trading Partners Integration) possible within weeks.Hosted on the CLOUD, the customer can built his B2C portal, and manage inventory and warehouses. Our Commerce Platform will go through Beta implementations in the year 2016.