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Retail Cloud


Billing & Payments
Stock Management
Customer Loyalty
Door Delivery
Payment Options


Navigation,Scaning and Payments
Optmized exit process
Shopping from any where

Purchases & Supplies
Stock Management
Logistics Integration
Batch tracking


Auto commerce portal
Service Area definition
Routing & Door Delivery
Customer Service Monitoring

Our R & D


Alternate to self checkouts
Better customer experience

Inshop mode with navigation
Outshop mode

3D Modelling & AR
Realtime shopping

Remote monitoring & control
Foot fall
Customer face recognition

Customer Access Control
Remote Monitoring & Alerts
Wifi Cart & Product Tracking

Customer Loyalty
Behaviour tracking

Inshop/Online experience
Customer Engagement

Scalability & Performance
Data Security
Data Management

Smart Outlets


NO CAPEX, Support & Maintenance

Migrate at no cost

Leaders in Retail Technologies

One stop for Retailers

Select rigth plan for incremental automation.

Labelling to last mile
Wireless,No Server,& Ready to use

Commerce Portal
Social Media
Mobile Commerce

Inshop Mode
Shop from any where

Footfalls & Customer face recognition
Behaviour tracking
Loyalty Program

Promotions with complex offers
Seamless and dynamic

Customer Loyalty
Product/Inventory Management

3D Modelling of the outlet
Realtime shopping

Monitoring using IoT
MDM for mobile devices

Enterprise Mobility – Doc-Station

TechnoLabs released its (Mobile) Document Management products MobiDocs and DocStation.
The combination makes both Enterprise Mobility and Mobile BPM possible. We completed Beta implementations and started implementing eGovernance , Education and Construction verticals.

  • Panjim Municipality



    Business Case: Digitized the entire municipal office and including approvals by using IPAD. Officers use Mobile or IPAD to approve the bills. The areas of automation include Attendance, Claims, RTI, Finance and Library. This is done in partnership with TCS.

  • Hyderabad METRO



    Business Case: Started implementing trial version for Hyderabad METRO. This would be combination of mobile and server technologies. All business processes will be available on Mobile for govt, executives, and other stake holders.

  • Scholarcity



    Business Case: Scholarcity is in the business of redefining learning. TechnoLabs developed content delivery mechanism over Mobile. Developed in Swift, the product is responsive and drives the kids towards thought provoking.