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Mobile Billing & MPOS

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Mobile Billing & MPOS

With Apple Pay in the picture, MPOS is widely talked subject. Unless someone is tech-savvy, we think that MPOS is just another channel or technology for card payments. Now with the evolution of mobile technology, Mobile can replace every device or hardware we see with in a Retail Store.Below are the common hardware(s) we may come across with in a Retail Store. Mobile can replace or interface with all devices.Let us look at the scenarios how we can leverage Mobile Technologies. On top of it, it is going to be cheaper alternative with enhanced customer experience.
  1. Barcode Scanner(s).
  2. POS device for card payments.
  3. Computer with a monitor/terminal.
  4. Weighing Machine.
  5. Cash Drawer.
  6. Printer.
  7. Server Connectivity and Wires.
We can use Mobile Camera instead of separate barcode reader. There is always question about readability and speed. With powerful cameras become common, readability is no more an issue. Mobile can be used along with Magnetic Card reader. There is no separate POS required. The payment task can be integrated with the Mobile APP so that transactions are recorded. There is no separate computer or monitor required as Mobile or TAB is screen is good enough. Mobile can be integrated with Weighing Machine through RS232 interfacing. We can completely avoid the printer and instead use SMS as bill. The customer would show SMS at the exit gate.
TechnoLabs hosted the backend (Inventory/Merchandize, and other modules) and available as cloud so that Mobile use can access. For instance, a store manager can access the data from anywhere and at any time.
Other than POS, mobile can be used to verify stocks, field level sales, and remote store management. In nutshell, with TechnoLabs Retail Mobility is in place, the only device required is Mobile. For more details, please ask Demo of Retail Solution built on top of our product Omni Retailer.
For more details on MPOS, Mobile Payments, Mobile Sales App, eLoyalty and other areas, speak to our Subject Matter Expert – business@technolabssoftware.com

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